#77 Justin Bieber - “Heartbreaker”

Brian: Well Biebs is just making straight-up fuck music now. And he DOES NOT pull it off. He still has this super weird squeaky chipmunk voice that cannot possibly carry sensuality. It’s unfortunate too, as it ain’t a bad song at all. Sorry, man, you need a few more years of singing about soda fountains and chasing hoops with sticks before you’re gonna be able to pull off baby-making music. 5/10

Brady: Biebs channelling Jeremih and The-Dream on this one.  Just not the falsetto part.  I think that’s part of the appeal of those two artists, but I realize now it’s not ALL they’re about.  This song is great and sexy, and I just wish you would beliebe me.  Do you beliebe me?  8/10

Cory: I wouldn’t be mad at Justin if he decided to comfortably settle into this type of song for the rest of his career. His new man-voice can handle Sexy Slow Jams very well. We’ve already let this rapping/spoken-word thing get way too far out of hand, though. Stop it, dude. It makes no one happy at all. 7/10